Aerial Spreader In Action

Get a feel for the set up and operation of the Aerial Spreader by watching these videos.

Cooper Farm Case Study: Aerial Spreader Over Downed Timber

The Aerial Spreader seeds 1,300 lbs of seed in 1.5 days over downed timber at Brown Hill Cattle Co. The downed timber was too rough to use a tractor or 4 wheeler to seed so the aerial spreader was the perfect tool for the job. Get a feel for what Aerial Spreader operation looks like, including refilling and changing batteries. Learn how to stay in the field all day with the right battery setup.

Seeding Over Wet Ground

Keep seeding (or spreading other dry material) even when the ground is too wet, steep, or rough for traditional machinery. See the Aerial Spreader applying seed over wet ground in this video.

Aerial Spreader in Action - 20 Second Overview

Refilling Spreader and Changing Batteries

Minimizing time on the ground is crucial to getting the job done quickly. This video shows how quick and easy it is to refill the hopper with our slide rail mechanism. Exchanging drone batteries can be done at the same time (if needed) and the aerial spreader can get back in the air quickly.