Q: What types of materials can I spread using the Aerial Spreader?

A: You can spread a wide variety of dry materials including seed, fertilizer, road salt, fish food, feral hog bait and wildlife/livestock vaccinations. Let us know if you have other material you want to spread aerially and we can advise you (wedding and party confetti makes a statement!)

Q: How long will the batteries last?

A: The Spreader's batteries (independent of the drone batteries) will go more than a full day before needing recharging (8+ hours of continuous spreading). Therefore, the spreader does not take power from the drone flights.

For the drone, we recommend purchasing 4 sets of drone batteries and three chargers if you want to run all day with back-to-back flights. Recharging batteries in remote areas is accomplished with a generator or inverter.

The other items that are battery operated that are required for operation is a tablet and remote controller. The tablet battery life span depends on your specific tablet and tablet settings but can generally be expected to last all day. The remote controller may need recharged once a day. We find it convenient to recharge it at lunch.

Spreader and drone batteries should be charged/stored following battery manufacturer recommended instructions. Read the instruction manual for all products and contact the manufacturer with any questions prior to use.

Q: What is the hopper capacity?

A: 1.5 cubic feet. If you have a bigger drone that is capable of a higher capacity, contact us for a custom larger spreader.

Q: How much can I seed/spread in one day?

A: We average 20 acres/day including refill time. To learn how to maximize time in the field refer to the questions below.

Q: How long does it take to install the spreader on the drone?

A: Usually takes around 2.5 minutes. Watch video of installation.

Q: Is the Spreader drum rotation speed adjustable?

A: Yes, the drum rotation speed can be adjusted to accommodate the desired application rates and size of material. For seed material, this controls flow depending on how dense or fluffy the seed is.

Q: Do I have to spread my own material/seeds?

A: If you want someone with experience to operate your Aerial Spreader, there are pilot services that we work with that can handle aerial spreading for you. Contact us with your application location and we will help facilitate the project.

Q: How many pounds of material can I carry on the Aerial Spreader?

A: How many pounds you carry depends on the drone payload capacity of the drone being used. We find that a 10 pound dry material payload gives us the performance we like.

Q: How do I turn the Aerial Spreader on or off?

A: You control the Spreader with the drone remote controller by raising the drone's landing legs for on, lowering for off.

Q: What is the spread width?

A: The width varies from 8 ft to 60 ft depending on factors such as seed shape, density and elevation/speed of the drone.

Q: How high should I seed/spread?

A: We recommend seeding/spreading from 100 ft to 400 ft. The optimum height depends on factors such as dry material size and density, wind, obstacles, and your desired spread width. Spread width is also increased with lighter materials.


Q: What drone do you recommend using with the Aerial Spreader?

A: We recommend contacting our drone partner Unmanned Vehicle Technologies. UVT is a DJI Enterprise Dealer based in Northwest Arkansas who provides specialized support services for all drone-related equipment. They can make recommendations on which drones would best suit your needs.

Q: Can I use the spreader with a different drone?

A: Yes, please contact us with the UAV model and we will confirm that the interface is compatible.

Q: How fast does the drone fly with aerial spreader attached?

A: We find that 10-15 mph is the minimum recommended speed for proper material dispersal.
Refer to your specific drone's speed capabilities with a 20 lb payload for an estimate of max speed capabilities when fully loaded.

Q: Am I required to have an FAA drone license?

A: We have designed the spreader to allow for flying under the FAA weight limits.
 If you are flying in the United States airspace, then the Federal Aviation Administration regulations apply. Refer to your national aviation authority for details.



Q: Can I mount a camera? 

A: We have several options for visual streaming and video capture (mounted Runcam or GoPro). These are additional custom mounts and do not require a gimbal system. Contact us for more information.