Drones seeding and dry material application with our aerial spreader is available from our partner ASDS who is experienced in operating industrial drones in rural environments. Your go-to contingency plan when seeding/dry material application gets tough. Wet ground, snow and ice, inter-seeding cover crops and timbered or rough terrain are options when spreading seed/dry material aerially.

When manned aircraft isn’t available, drone application is a more flexible alternative:

Custom Application
Vary the application rates or species across a planting for different soil types, terrains and soil moisture situations.

Just starting to trial cover crops?  
Put them where you need them in more remote or hard to reach areas of the field.

Grow more biomass for soil benefits and livestock forage by spreading the cover crops mixes according to your schedule.

Provide more timely moisture around rain events.  Fly on seed in receding flooded areas or seed when the soil has prime moisture content for seeding but is still too wet for machinery.

No soil compaction mean healthier soils

Handles a variety of dry material
Handles a variety of dry materials from fluffy seeds that are impossible with other seeders to small dense seeds.

Efficiency through automation
Flight plans and maps retained for reapplication jobs – run the same flight or make alterations as needed based on previous applications

Experienced in operating industrial drones in rural environments.

Made in the USA


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