Spread seeds and dry materials anywhere a drone can fly!

Excels at Challenging Ground Conditions

Steep and rocky terrain that is challenging to a tractor is no problem for aerial application. Downed trees from windthrow, tornado, wildfire, or woodland restoration are also no problem to navigate. Wet ground, snow, and ice won’t prevent the job from getting done on schedule. This aerial seeder and dry material spreader is also great for seeding cover crops over standing crops.

Handles a Variety of Materials

The spreader handles a variety of dry materials like seed, fertilizer, fish food, salt and bait to trap nuisance wildlife. It even handles fluffy seeds that are impossible with other seeders.

Custom Application & GPS Driven Automation

Customize mixes and application rates easily for different land types or areas. GPS driven automation gives the ability to memorize fields for quick reapplication. Borders or small, odd shaped fields are also easy to customize.

Versatile & Available on Demand

Quickly exchange the Spreader for other tools (camera, thermal imaging, etc), making the drone versatile year-round. The low capital cost and versatility compared to a tractor and seeder means a better return on investment. And since you own it, it is available when you need it.

Aerial Spreader ™

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